In all shapes and forms, clouds are grouped into different types like cumulus, stratus, and cirrus. Moreover, each of these masses of tiny drops of water or ice crystals contains diverse varieties one could observe. Clouds form and appear in such a way that they might look appealing and captivating just on their own. It is when nature becomes an artist with the small help of your imagination. One other intriguing element about cloud photography is that dominant colors and shapes can appear suddenly, last only a few moments, and then disappear forever.

Most of Leon Dimitrios’ pictures of cloud formations are taken from airplane windows at high altitudes, using a 6×6 and 6×17 medium format analog camera.

Leon says: “You cannot plan anything in advance, and that has a certain sense of surprise or even mystery when you are trying to capture spontaneous, beautiful moments while flying over oceans and continents. It can also be an emotional experience to watch the infinity within nature unfold, with the view as unpredictable as the weather itself.”