For many people, Germany today is a cosmopolitan, culturally diverse, and attractive country. In the late 1960s, guided by a slogan, “Let’s try more democracy.” Germany’s government made a significant effort to get rid of an image of rigidness and open up more both internally and externally, and over time, that idea bore fruit.

Attracted by better opportunities in Germany’s Wirtschaftswunder large migrant labor force came and brought new ideas, and when in the early 1990s Germany got reunified, and the concept of European Union became a reality, at the beginning of the new millennium, it all resulted in a general feeling that German society became more diverse, as the more vibrant and multicultural tone was created.

Born in Greece but raised in Germany himself, Leon Dimitrios started exploring his adoptive homeland very early and gradually added his camera as an exploration tool. Growing with photography himself, trying to reach every corner of the society, he put the human element in his focus, visually documenting the country and its people.